Energy Outlook in the Asian-Pacific Region: surging power

Oct 17, 2023
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Asian-Pacific region is a powerhouse, with heavy demand and strong supply to match. Recent high prices have boosted the 10-year investment outlook by 50% through the energy crisis to US$3.3 trillion across both renewables and fossil fuel technology.


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Looking at the global situation: measures taken by various countries

Coal is growing fast, but renewable energy is on the up too: solar and wind power are set to overtake fossil fuels by 2038 and will claim 49% of the Asian-Pacific region’s power, between them, by 2050. And there is an increasing number of the Asian-Pacific region's countries, including China, Japan, and South Korea, have begun to view new energy as a safe, low-cost, and low emission alternative energy.


China is aggressively expanding capacity across renewable over the next five years, driven by a strong growth in demand and a need for economic and energy security.

2024 power generation outlook


In keeping with the trend, Zlinkwd Energy's battery storage technology has always been at the forefront of our peers. Long lifespan and high storage capacity are the basic functions that batteries should meet.




The Future of Batteries: Overheating

In both near and long term, battery storage is the fastest-growing technology. Capacity is set to grow to 1,277 GW in 2050, from just 17 GW today, with China and India again dominating in the longer run. Liberalised markets such as Australia, India, Japan and Singapore will adopt battery storage faster than regulated ones, as wholesale and ancillary service markets provide more incentives.



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