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Noise and radiation control measures of solar energy systems

Nov 24, 2023

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Solar energy storage systems are quickly gaining popularity as an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional energy production.As more and more people consider adopting solar power systems, the noise and radiation generated during system operation has become a concern for people.



This article will explore the noise and radiation issues of solar equipment and introduce some control measures.

The source of noise from solar energy system:

Solar systems include equipment components such as solar panels and inverters. Among them, inverters are the main noise source. During the working of the inverter, high-frequency noise is generated, which has a certain impact on the health of humans and animals. In addition, solar panels also emit certain noises during operation, especially in strong winds or harsh weather conditions, where the noise will be more pronounced.



Measures to reduce noise: Choose low-noise inverters and solar panels

Low-noise devices pay attention to noise reduction during the design and manufacturing process, which can effectively reduce the generation of noise.

Secondly, install solar energy equipment correctly. By optimizing the installation position and angle of the equipment, the propagation and diffusion of noise can be reduced. In addition, people can also use soundproofing materials to wrap inverters and solar panels, reducing the spread of noise.


Radiation from solar systems and measures to address it

Solar panels generate electromagnetic radiation and light pollution during operation, causing harm to human health and the surrounding environment.Countermeasures: purchase high-quality solar panels with isolation and shielding measures to effectively reduce radiation levels.

Secondly, users should know the radiation characteristics of solar panels and take corresponding protective measures. In addition, install solar panels reasonably to avoid prolonged exposure of users to radiation sources.

In summary,the noise and radiation issues of solar power system are important issues that need to be solved in the solar energy industry.Moreover,manufacturers and users should also strengthen cooperation and promote new research of  solar energy equipment,creating a clean energy-environment for humanity.

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