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Pick a Suitable Portable Power Station for You

Aug 30, 2023


A portable power station is essentially a ‘mini power grid’ that you can take anywhere. It’s small, and efficient, with a multitude of outlets to charge all sorts of devices. Portable power stations can be a great addition to a weekend camping trip, a caravan holiday, or even as a portable source of power when you’re at home. 

There’s so many choices in the portable power station market, that it’s hard to know which is the best option for you.


To choose the right portable power station, Ask yourself three questions:

1.what kind of things do you want to be able run? long do you need to run them?

3.Do you just want to charge your portable electronics or maybe you need to power an air conditioner all day long?


 choose the right portable power station


1.Estimating Battery Capacity

Average Power Consumption for Common Household ltems
Item  Description Average Watt-Hours Watts Peak Watts Note
Desktop PC and Ultrawide Monitor 130Wh 130W Variable depending on computing demand
Laptop  single  recharge  via USB-C(5000mAh  @14V) -70Wh Note that laptop battery capacities and operating voltages vary widely, so you
Laptop  single  recharge  via  AC  (5000mAh  @14V) ~90Wh should use your actual mAh capacity and operating voltage for the best estimate.
Internet Router and Modem 12Wh 12W 15W  
65" Smart TV 145Wh 125W 142W  

Cellphone Recharge 

(4000mAh or 4Ah or approx 48Wh)

14.8Wh 18W 18W  
12V DC Fridge (average size, dual-zone) 20Wh 45W -200W  
Full-size AC Fridge 94Wh 250W 800W  
Full-size Clothes Washer (32 min cycle) 50Wh per cycle variable 281W  
Gas  Fumace- (outside  temp  25F-45F) 117Wh 505W 505W  
Coffee Maker, 4 cups 75Wh 900W 900W  
Coffee Maker. K-Cup single 50Wh 1020W 1020W  
Induction  Cooktop:  1000W time dependent 1000W 1000W  
Large Air Fryer. 15 min cycle @ 375F 276Wh 1580W 1700W  
5000 BTU Window A/C (ambient & setpoint dependent) ~350Wh ~500W ~1500W  
CPAP  Machine(AirSense) /humidifer 224Wh per night 28W 50W variable depending on ambient temp and humidity
LED patio lights (typically 1W per bulb): 50FT string 25Wh 25W 25W  
Household  Fan  (medium  speed) 50Wh 50W 50W  
Small  USB  Fan 12Wh 12W 12W  


For Example:

Two day camping scenario(Including 12V Fridge/Freezer for 2 day weekend;

Make a couple of cups of coffee each morning;

Recharge a couple of cell phones overnight; run a small USB Fan overnight): 

  ●12V DC fridge will use about 20 watt hours of battery capacity for every hour of use

   Let’s say equates to 40 hours of runtime. So, 20Wh*40hrs runtime=800Wh

  ●The coffee maker will consume about 75 watt hours of capacity on a single 4 cup cycle

   Let’s say you’ll brew 4 cups each of two mornings during our weekend get away. So, 75Wh*2 mornings=150Wh

  ●Two cellphones to fully charge on two consecutive nights.

   So, 48Wh*2 phones*2nights=192Wh

  ●Small USB fan will consume about 12 watt hours for two nights.

   So, 12Wh*2nights(16hrs)=192Wh


Total, 800Wh+150Wh+192Wh+192Wh=1334Wh+10%=1467Wh(usable) for some extra reserve.

Portable Power Station 600W 

2. AC Inverter Capacity

The maximum power output that we need to have.We can simply add up the continuous watt draw of everything that might need to run at the same time as our highest load, so let get back to the camping scenario.

900W(coffee)+45W(fridge)+18W(phone)+12W(USB fan)≈1000W(AC Inverter Capacity)


Usable capacity is typically ~80-85% of rated capacity. 


3. Battery Chemistry


Battery Types Pros Cons
Lithium NMC & Ternary Lithium Higher energy density(Lighter Smaller), Faster cold temp charging More likely to produce a violent fire
Lithium Iron Phosphate & LFP or LiFePO4

Longer lifespan(6 times longer),

Safer Less Toxic Materials



4. Max Solar Input

If you want to a full charge via solar in 1 day or less, max solar input watts*5≥Battery Capacity,

For example, let’s say we have a 2000 watt hour capacity power station with a 300 watt solar input max.

300*5=1500wh,But if 1000wh capacity with 600w solar input, it will be 600w*5=3000wh, you only need one third of a day of full sun to have a full charge of power station.


All in all, want to know which kind of portable power station you need? We need to know what is our needs.

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