A deep report on the household energy storage industry: Europe and the United States are the main growth drivers in the global high growth track!

Jun 09, 2023

Household energy storage: An important component of the power system. It is in high demand and supported by government policy.

For users, household energy storage systems can save the cost of electricity and ensure the stability of electricity consumption. For the power system, household energy storage and large-scale energy storage supplement each other and improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, which is strongly supported by government policies.

household energy storage systems


1.Household energy storage is a global high growth track, with Europe and the United States being the main markets. 

The global household energy storage market is growing rapidly, and GGII predicts that the global household energy storage market will reach 20GWh by 2024. At present, the main market for household energy storage is concentrated in high electricity price regions such as Europe and the United States. Considering the penetration of household energy storage in other regions such as Australia, Japan, and Latin America, the global household energy storage market is expected to have a space of hundreds of billions in the future.

2.The household energy storage market in Europe: With high electricity prices and policy support, there is great room for growth and the market space is expected to reach 10.2GWh in 2025. 

Europe has a strong dependence on imported energy, and energy conflicts lead to high electricity prices; Under the guidance of EU carbon neutrality, the government launched policy support. Driven by high demand and policy subsidies, GGII predicts that the market space for household energy storage in Europe will reach 10.2GWh by 2025.




3.The household energy storage market in the United States: Driven by energy savings and guaranteed electricity usage, coupled with government subsidies to support, it is expected that the market space will reach 9.5GWh by 2025.

American users consume a lot of electricity, and saving electricity bills is the direct driving force for users to install household storage. Federal ITC tax exemption and government subsidies further increase the motivation for installing household energy storage and expand its market space.


4.Look at the global stag, focus on household energy storage batteries and inverters.

Energy storage batteries and inverters are the two core components of household energy storage systems. It is difficult to enter overseas markets and requires technical certification and long-term company layout. As a major participant, Zlinkwd Energy is expected to seize the high prosperity opportunities of the household energy storage track and achieve growth in performance.

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