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What Is A Home Energy Storage System?

Jun 07, 2023

The situation of unstable power supply is something that many households do not want to encounter, so what is the solution to this problem? The answer is the Home Battery Storage System.

Home Energy Storage System

A home energy storage system usually consists of a PV off-grid system,solar inverter, battery and load. For an average household, a 5kW home energy storage system is perfectly adequate for daily electricity consumption. So how to choose a reliable home energy storage system? There are three main aspects:

Customized Requirements

Each family's house is different in terms of structure, orientation, etc., so when choosing a home energy storage system, the user needs a customized solution to match the home's actual situation.

Safe and Reliable

It is very important to install a home energy storage system that is safe and reliable. 

To choose Zlinkwd Energy which is a reliable brand and quality manufacturer.

Security mainly depends on three areas:

1.The safety of the battery. Commonly used energy storage batteries include lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Among them, lithium iron phosphate batteries are the safest, because of their high ignition point and stable structure, they can maintain good performance even at high temperatures.

Products from Zlinkwd energy is equipped with BMS systems that provides multiple protections for the cells against many potential hazards such as overcharging, over-voltage, over-current, etc.

2. The convenience of follow-up maintenance. The steps for installation, dismantling and later operation and maintenance of the energy storage system should be simple. 

3. Whether it can be monitored intelligently. A home energy storage system with intelligent monitoring displays the operating status of the equipment and alerts the homeowner to any problems.

After-Sales service

The follow-up maintenance and quality assurance of home energy storage systems are very important. Zlinkwd energy has long-term and stable after-sales services, and is equipped with professional teams for one-on-one service.

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